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If you are an NICEIC or ELECSA registered contractor you will receive a 10% discount and did you know 60% of contractors buying through us have paid less than £354*

Plumber Insurance to Protect Your Livelihood Against the Unexpected

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that things go wrong from time to time. Despite every professional plumbers’ best efforts to manage risk, unexpected events can come along – leading to issues such as water damage to property or more serious incidents like injury to you or your employees.

That is why having the right plumbers' insurance is so important. It should be there to protect you when things go wrong – to defend you against unexpected costs, potential liability claims and any compensation awarded against you. Quite simply, plumbing insurance is vital to protecting your livelihood when the worst happens.

At NICEIC and ELECSA Insurance Services we work hard to provide our customers with specialist insurance for plumbers, at the right price. It’s not just any cover; it is cover designed for you – shaped by your needs to make sure you get the protection you need. No more, no less.

Our Plumber Insurance

You can buy online and get your policy documents in minutes, or simply call us so we can get you all set up and ready to go over the phone. 

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We Offer the Following*1&2

  • Employers liability cover of £10 million.

  • Cover for loss or damage to tools and office equipment.

  • Goods in transit.

  • Cover for contract works.

  • Cover for your own plant and hired in plant.

  • Cover for temporary employees up to 50 days per year.

  • Free 24 hour business legal helpline.

The Power Behind Your Business

At NICEIC and ELECA Insurance Services we are dedicated to helping protect your plumbing business when things go wrong.

We work with leading and specialist UK insurers to secure plumbers' insurance that’s designed for you and only you – it’s comprehensive, tailored and affordable.

Unlike price comparison sites, we don’t leave you to do the hard work yourself, and risk ending up with the wrong cover, whether that’s too much or too little. We put in the effort to understand your needs before doing the work of securing quotes and, once you are happy, getting your plumbing liability insurance set up straight away.

No hassle. Just the cover you need, at the right price.


Commercial Vehicle

Why Choose Plumbers Liability Insurance from NICEIC and ELECSA Insurance Services? 

NICEIC and ELECSA Insurance Services is part of Marsh Commercial. We’re an insurance broker and are experts at finding the right business insurance for firms just like yours. In fact, we provide more than 35,000 business insurance policies for over 21,000 customers across the UK., so we have a wealth of experience and the contacts to help our business insurance customers find the cover they need, at the right price.

We’re part of Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management. We use that strength to negotiate with insurers on your behalf – to find the best possible cover and price we can.

Our support doesn’t end when we have secured your insurance. We’re here right through the term of your policy to help you make changes to your cover should your circumstances change, and sort out renewals. Of course, if you need to make a claim we have a dedicated advocacy service on hand to look after you.


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I’m a Plumber, What Type of Insurance Cover do I Need?

The starting point in determining what specific insurance you need is to assess the type of work you do and where, whether you employ people, own a van, and whether you operate from a shop or office. Some of the more common business requirements are public liability cover, professional indemnity cover, and employers liability insurance (which is compulsory for most businesses that employ one or more people). All of these form part of the standard features in our liability cover for plumbing, heating, and gas engineers. It’s also advisable to look at cover features like property insurance if you have a shop, office, workshop, or other business premises; commercial vehicle cover if you have a van for instance; and tools insurance. We also have the ability to add other covers such as personal accident and income protection. For more information, read our quick guide to insurance.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance is designed to protect your business if negligence on your part causes injury to a third party or damage to their property. It covers the cost of compensation, damages, and any legal costs incurred by third parties in making a successful legal claim against you. As an example, if you installed some wiring that later caused a fire which damaged or destroyed a building, and it was later deemed that you were negligent, your contractors public liability insurance would pay the costs and compensation – up to the maximum level of cover (or limit of indemnity) indicated on your policy.

How Much Public Liability Insurance do I Need?

The level of protection you take out depends on the type of risks you face. It’s really an individual decision based on the nature of each business – though it’s worth finding out what level of cover potential clients expect you to have. There may be a minimum requirement of cover required depending on the nature of the job – for example if it’s a commercial contract for a council they may require a higher level of cover compared to a domestic job. We offer public liability cover ranging from £1 million up to £10 million, depending on the insurer.

What is Employers Liability Insurance?

Employers liability insurance protects you in the event you are held legally liable for accidental death or injury of your employees at work or in connection with your business. It also covers legal costs incurred by employees in making successful legal claims against you.

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional indemnity cover protects you and your business in the event of legal claims relating to advice you have provided and will cover the cost and expenses incurred in your defence.

What is Contract Works Insurance?

Contract works insurance protects against damage to any property that is part of the permanent or temporary works being executed by you – that includes things like materials and other items supplied or used in connection with the contract.

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal accident cover provides compensation when you, or anybody insured under the insurance is seriously injured or dies in an accident, whether at work or not.

What is Legal Expenses Insurance?

Legal expenses insurance covers legal costs incurred in defending or pursuing specific kinds of types of civil actions. It can include everything from employee contract disputes, Inland Revenue tax investigations, bad debt recovery, to prosecution defence, and data protection act prosecution.

What is Financial Loss Insurance?

Financial loss insurance covers losses or expenses incurred by a customer’s business as a result of work you have done – for instance the losses and costs a customer would be left with if forced to cancel an event due to a faulty wiring installation.

What is Tools Cover?

Tools cover provides insurance against the theft or loss of tools that you use in conjunction with your business – depending on the covers you select, this can include theft from an unattended vehicle.

I Work in More Than One Trade. Can You Cover This?

Yes, we offer cover for both primary and secondary trades. So, if you work mainly in one trade – for instance as an electrician – select this as your primary or main trade. Then, if you also work on occasion as a plumber, for example, you should select this as your secondary trade.

*1 Cover may differ dependent upon insurer.

*2 As with most insurance – terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. You can request full details by simply contacting us.

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